How high is the starting price?
The starting price is 2/3 of the medium estimated price. This may vary if written bids have been submitted.
How can I place a bid?
You can place a bid as follows:

In person during the auction
By telephone
Via a written bid

No matter which of these three options you choose, you can appoint someone else to represent you. This must be confirmed in writing and an official document/identification must be provided.

You must fill out a form. Before the auction begins, you must submit your completed form to receive a bidder number. You must show this bidder number in order to place a bid.
Are post-auctions sales allowed?
Post-auction sales are possible within four weeks after the auction with the owner’s permission.
When can I come for a viewing?
Viewing times will be published in good times (catalogue, website). Viewings are possible during opening times or by appointment.
Who covers shipping costs?
Generally, the buyer. We require precise shipping information.
When will the item be delivered?
After payment has been received in full.
When is the owner paid?
The owner has the right to payment once the purchase price has been paid. (see terms and conditions)